Every day running: Part 2 – logistical problems


It is starting to get dark outside. It is still summer, but the days are getting shorter. The drive from Gothenburg to Ramsjö in Småland took longer than expected. But finally, we are driving up the small hill and see the house of our relatives.  I run out of the car and with my bag with my shorts and trainers in my hands; I hurry up to the second floor to get changed. It is not too late yet; I will make it. Way past eleven o’clock in the evening I start  my daily run and feel relief that I’m still keeping my running streak. It is getting darker and therefore more difficult to see the road in front of me; you know, there are no lights on the country roads. Then I suddenly remember the wolves. Sometimes there are wolves roaming around in the area. Of course I didn’t see any wolves, or wild boar, which are much more common in the Småland woods: these animals are very shy. I think that my imagination played me a trick due to the early stress of not making my run in time. Running every day is not a problem most of the time. But now and again it is a hassle, and some logistical problems have to be handled.

Most days of every day running are everyday running. I find half an hour in the morning, or in the evening, depending on work and other activities during the day. For a time, I decided to run in the morning, and did so for a while. However, when winter came and it was pitch dark and slippery because of the snow outside, I gave up and bought a membership card at the gym at the campus area where I work. It didn’t work out – I never really could figure gyms out –   so I started to run in the afternoon, still in pitch dark and on the same slippery tracks. Winter is a challenge. But when spring comes and the running trail is free from ice everything is easier and enjoyable.

Another challenge are those traveling days. I have had the good fortune to travel in my work, both in Sweden and abroad. But what do you do when the plane departs at six in the morning, and you are not going to arrive until nine in the evening, and the sun set two hours earlier? The answer is, run at four o’clock in the morning: it is sort of a special feeling, and I am all alone almost all the time. And it’s not as difficult as one might think. But it wouldn’t work every day.

So the logistics haven’t been a major challenge so far. Mostly, it is a matter of planning and trying to find those opportunities that every day provides. I would like to get the habit and run in the morning, but haven’t really managed that yet. However, there are other challenges that almost stopped my running streak: like injuries and illnesses.