Hello! Time for a reboot. It has been quite some time since we posted anything here. Readers might have come to the conclusion that we had stopped running. We have not. It would take too long to complete all the details of what has been happening, so I shall give you a quick summary for now. Thoughts and reflections will follow later. Here are the highlights for me:

  1. I completed the Chester Marathon on a warm, sultry day last October. I was slow and felt unwell towards the end, but I learnt a great deal about myself, running and what I need to do next time.
  2. I extended my race programme for 2017. By the end of this year I shall have (I hope) finished the Great Manchester Run 10km (May), the Stockholm Marathon (June), the Bolton Community Half-Marathon (September), the Chester Marathon (October) and the Great Langdale Marathon (October).
  3. Yesterday was the Great Manchester Run, which I ran with my partner, Lawrence, who was running for the first time.
  4. On Saturday, it’s the Stockholm Marathon!

So, there’s lots to tell! Springathink is back up and running. More updates will follow.