This page lists races and events we have signed up for and results (when they are available).


  1. Great Manchester Run, 10km: 22nd May 2016 (for Mind)

    • Race chip time: 1:03:59 … without the toilet break, on my own GPS timer: 1:02:38. PB for this race on either.
    • Well over £300 raised for Mind.
    • It rained!
  2. Chester Marathon: 2nd October 2016 for (Médecins Sans Frontières (UK))

    • My first ever marathon. I was a bit unprepared and I felt quite unwell towards the end. I learnt a lot about running, myself and what 26.2 miles feels like!
    • My GPS Garmin time was 5:34. Next time …
  3. Great Manchester Run, 10km: 28th May 2017

    • Race chip time: 1:15:32.
    • I ran with my partner, who was running for the first time.
  4. Stockholm Marathon: 3rd June 2017

    • Race chip time: 5:27:49
    • Garmin time: 5:23:00
  5. Bolton Community Half-Marathon: September 2017

  6. Chester Marathon: October 2017

  7. Great Langdale Marathon: October 2017



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